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Washington DC

When enjoyed a quick trip to Washington DC. Sailed a Flying Scot in the Washington Channel with Sam.  Thursday night, we rode bikes passed the White House. 

Posted by: phillipsummers | February 20, 2016

Celebrating with Swimming

These pictures are from Payden’s birthday party at the Wake Forest pool. Grampa Jack, Payden’s grandfather had the fun water proof camera. We love to swim. Thanks Melissa for teaching us!  


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Armor of God

Faithful Feet Singlets on Sale Now!  “Armor of God” is the theme of our third edition race singlet.   The price is $20 for this high quality New Balance Running Singlet.  Let me know if you are interested.


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Frosty 50k

Faithful Feet at the finish of the Frosty 50 K relay. We enjoyed a morning of fellowship. We ran 12 seconds faster than last year. This year we ran to first place in the open male division. God is good, all the time!

Ned, Phillip, Hernan, Matt


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Merry Christmas 

The kids and I went for a stroll after dinner and discovered that the barber was giving away Christmas trees.

We raced home and told a neighbor and went back and got a tree for a friend.


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Family Bike

I have been convicted about bicycling being a individualist activity. That is no longer the case, thanks to this craigslist trade.  I will miss the 1×1 but I am stoked to owe a Free Radical. 


Posted by: phillipsummers | February 22, 2015

McLaughlins and Dishes

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

On 6/14/14 I bought a Bosch dishwasher on craigslist for $25.   The ad said it worked intermittently.  At our house it worked . . . a few times.   Then Ole Pappie came up and we took it apart to try and see if we could find any defect.

We reassembled it with a slight modification; attaching a salvaged refrigerator power cord courtesy of our neighbor’s who scrape metal out of their yard. After several attempts at fixing it I was tired of wiring the power to it and a cord is simple.  With all this earnest effort to fix the fine German engineered dishwasher (with stainless steel interior) we learned how to read its error codes.   We learned for these error messages that something was wrong with ‘die’ drain ‘pumpe.’  We also stumbled upon customer service mode which runs the dishwasher through a 30 minute diagnostic cycle.

For the intervening months our dishes were mostly clean after they received their 30 minute cycle.   The diagnostic mode worked consistently if only perfunctory.  During this time friends and family alike had various opinions about this whole state of affairs.   “But it works” I kept saying.

We can’t have a party with out the McLaughlins.  Chris McLaughlin doesn’t humor me or condescend, but rather engages my critiques and strongly held opinions.  For months he had asked about the dishwasher, but finding time to work on it was another matter.   Turns out working on a dishwasher at your own birthday party is a lot of fun.  This photo illustrates our glee from finding in an appliance repair discussion forum (yay for the internet community) that we were not alone, and it fact there is a FREE solution.

Glee from simple fix

Glee from simple fix

I am so grateful for Chris, and for the guy who opened his dishwasher door at precisely the right time of the cycle, which miraculously allowed it to work. Every good gift comes from the Father of Lights.

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Faithful Feet at the Frosty 50 K

Four sets of grateful feet.


Pre-race Faithful Feet Relay Team

Faithful Feet
Phillip    00:50:56.414   6:34
Ned       00:51:03.490   6:35
Joseph  00:52:06.562   6:43
Hernan  00:49:17.280   6:22
Total      03:23:23.746   Second Place Male Open Division


2nd and 3rd place team “Dads on the Run”

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Family photo

Melissa age 35.5, Annie 2.75, Phillip 35.55, Clay 5.55, James 0.75

Melissa age 35.5, Annie 2.75, Phillip 35.55, Clay 5.55, James 0.75

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Aunt Lou and Uncle Harry

Are a source of fun and family support. We are so grateful they look for ways for all of us to have fun together.

UNCSA 50 bday

UNCSA 50 bday


Clay bikes to the Downtown School

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